Saturday, 5 November 2011

Layouts, Lighting and Motivational Speaking

   I have a few layouts here from our group film called A Gritty Western. The 3rd and 4th image includes the layout with rough sketches of the characters to check lighting and harmony of the character in the setting.

   So for those of you who don't know: a couple months now, I've been part of a group film called A Gritty Western. It started when Mike Valiquette, who was my business professor at Algonquin College, set up "The 30 second Challenge". 10 of us from the Class of '11 from the Algonquin College Animation Program decided to enter this Challenge. The deadline was 2 months. By now we are a far cry from the deadline that had past. Most of us have studio jobs or part-time jobs now. Schedules conflict and the films we started in the summer is no longer a priority. However, as this group of 10, we decided to see these films to the end. Our prof found work in Toronto, so he's no longer here to egg us one. But we still meet once a week to keep the ball rolling and to see that we stick to our self-made schedules.

   As a group of 3, it's challenging with conflicting schedules and a slow-down in our productivity, but with the schedule we set with ourselves, and with the determination, we will see to it that our film is finished before this year ends.

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