Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Traveller's Compass

   Firstly, I want to say, I recently got a gig at the Kratt Brothers Productions Inc. in 2D digital animation! First real studio job ever! SO many amazing people at work. And SO many things to learn. Challenging? Oh yeah! It's a constant game of 'beat-the-clock" to reach quota with quality, so I'm throwing in overtime and Saturdays to catch up and to make sure I make it. My goal is to get faster and better before my contract ends. FIGHT ON!!! AARRRGHH!!

   This leads to the main point. Because majority of the time I'm at work and come home tired, I realized I haven't been working on environment stuff! Layout design/ BG design/ BG painting is something I really want to get into. Hopefully it'll lead to colour keys and concept design as well!

  So I've set myself on an ongoing project with a cool and completely original title called "THE TRAVELLER'S COMPASS".  The idea is to create background designs/ layouts based on a little soul-searching story where the traveller of the story goes to different worlds looking a place to belong.  The objective is to keep myself learning about the components to create a believable environment/ world. But most importantly, this project is to find my own 'brand' or 'identity'. Hopefully this project will act as a compass and help me find my identity. Hence... "THE TRAVELLER'S COMPASS".

Cue Hans Zimmer.

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